Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today I am going to attempt to explain SOCTs and the SOCT system.

SOCT stands for Standard of Continental Travel. Meaning it is a land based mode of transportation. Think of a bullet train and the way it works with levitating the train and getting it up to high speeds. Now give the entire world its own system of highways based on this. It is GPS guided and so you supply a destination and it will get you as close as possible, the whole system is over-watched by a large computerized system to make sure no SOCTs ever collide with one another.

There are a few levels of SOCT. The smallest is the PSOCT or Personal SOCT, it fits 4 passengers and functions as the sedan type model. In a world where everything is connected by this system most people find it unnecessary to own a PSOCT, and rely on the other parts of the system.

Next we have the SOCT, it is used like a small bus or large van, so they can hold up to 20 passengers or a lot of cargo depending on how the car in configured. This is pretty common and is something people can rent in order to move, kinda like a uhaul truck.

The last commerical size SOCT is the City SOCT. It is the most common form of transport. Every city in the world has their own version but they almost always hold around 60 passengers and have a designated route that is monitored by an engineer. A large city could have as many as 40 lines constantly in motion.

In each case the passengers attach a nonrestrictive wrist band that is connect to the car in some way. This allows the system to convert their raw quint levels into power to levitate and move the train, along with the back up power build into the system in case it ends up with only one person in a car or just the engineer in the CSOCT.

I will try to get a few sketches I have up on the blog so it will be easier to visualize, because it doesnt look like a car very much.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I realized something/ Quintessence

I realized that in my stories there is probably going to be a lot of little things, like technology names and concepts that most people cant get from reading my stories. So I think in the process of writing I am going to start explaining items as they come up in my writing.

I am going to start by explaining Quintessence. It is the "magic" in this setting, its similar to like midichlorians in Star Wars in that a specific person's Quint is a measurable value and is biologically founded.I haven't decided on the science behind Quint just yet, but when I do expect another post about it.

Now let me explain how quint functions.
-It is a personal control over something, it can be anything and it is something each person needs to find out individually. Most figure out what their quint is during childhood.
-The "powers" can range anywhere from pyrokinetics, to lock-picking, to levitation of items or even possibly dangerous ones to be used like weapons.
-Technology has come a long way and it can harness an individual's quint and use it in its raw form to perform a number of actions. This works out to lower to total consumption of fuels because it feeds on a person's energy.
-An example of technology with quint would be transportation. Most people get around in vehicles called SOCTs (Standard of Continental Travel). When they get into the SOCT they attach a wrist band that harnesses their quint, and so the more people in the vehicle the less of a strain it is on everyone; and when one person doesn't have enough quint to do something alone there is an integrated electrical system that takes over the remaining power needs.

I will probably post more on SOCTs and PSOCTs within the next day or so. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Post!

Ok, this is my first blog post. I am planning on using this as a creative writing outlet for a futuristic setting I am creating. Expect within the next few days a short story or two. I am developing this setting as I go, so please go easy if there are any loopholes, but also let me know so I can correct them.

Basic description of the setting idea is one where there is magic called Quintessence and advanced technology that harnesses it. The world is mostly filled with normal people and is not intended to have a large cast of insanely powerful beings. The meaning and view of each story should change with the character it is focused on.

I hope you guys will enjoy my stories.